Fifty Shades of Stupid Sex

Yes, my totally awesome female friends, I am capitalizing on that famous book title to get you to read what I have to say about men, their shortcomings (oooooh–what metaphors surface in my sarcastic mind for that word) and our endless struggles as women dealing with them.

The subject matter is sex. In addition to shopping, eating sugar-laden desserts, and achieving your perfect weight, sex is right up there as one of the best perks on the planet.

Let’s take a poll and consider the following invasive questions:  

My point, dear girlies, is to do what YOU want to do. Okay, maybe the sweaty landscaper with six-pack abs is not your cup of tea, but there are men out there who will blow your skirt up.

Indulge, have fun, follow your bliss. This is YOUR life.


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